Vice Ganda etc.

Vice Ganda’s (VG) controversial rape joke has backfired. We Filipinos have a very weird sense of humor. We make jokes on a lot of subjects, rape included. But we tell those kind of jokes between friends in small gatherings. Vice Ganda went over the line when he made at Jessica Soho’s expense. Jessica Soho is a respected newscaster and the Vice President of News for GMA Network. In his latest show in Araneta, VG said what if Jessica Soho was a bold star. One of the scenes would surely be a gang rape scene. The “rapist” would shout “ilabas na ang lechon!” The Jessica would respond “asan na ang apple.” The lechon reference is due to the current size of Jessica Soho.  I think everyone has made a fat joke in their lifetime. But the rape part crossed the line of decency. 

VG forgot that he’s a performer and there are certain lines that shouldn’t be crossed. He jumped over that line with that joke. Sure, make fun of people. That’s the current brand of Philippine comedy right now. Laugh at other people’s misfortunes and what not. But I never heard of a joke  on rape, domestic or foreign comedians. Because they know that rape is not a joking matter. 

In his noon time show, VG apologized to Jessica Soho for the joke. But she was apologizing for “insulting” Jessica. Which was beside the point. She should have apologized for making the rape joke, regardless of which character he used. VG doesn’t get the reason for the brouhaha. 

While I was reading the online news reports and comments on this controversy, I found someone defending VG, saying that its just a joke and that people from GMA Network is trying to bring VG down because they don’t have someone to go against VG in their shows. Which just showed the commenter’s stupidity. This controversy is not an attack on VG and ABS-CBN! 

Anyway, these are just my views. Whether VG will clean up his act, that’s something to be seen. All I want to read about is when Karma bites VG’s ass! Hope it would be soon. 



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